Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The 10 objectives of the Philippine Railways

Press Release

March 2, 2011

The 10 objectives of the Philippine Railways 

(English Language)

1. Develop our country by train, and support the railway infrastructure in the Philippines. 

2. Make laws for our citizens and our railway system in the country.
3. Defend the rights of  Train Commuters, such as proper service and security on board the train (LRT, MRT and PNR). 

4. Give proper housing or relocation and jobs are living on the edge of the railway tracks.
5. Establish the modern train system in the Philippines, such as having high speed railway in the country.
6. Deliver the news or share photos, about what is happening in our railway here in the Philippines.
7. Teach each and every citizens about the importance of the Train in the Philippines, through the Internet, Radio and Television. 

8. Promote tourism via the railway. 
9. Restore freight service on the railway, to reduce the price of the basic needs of Filipinos. 
10. Give a job for each and every Filipino.

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